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  • Divas and Desserts – GOGA (Girl on Girl Action) is putting on a Diva Cup workshop in the Intercultural Center this Sunday @ 8pm. Go and learn about the benefits of the Diva Cup…AND yes, there will be a real live Diva Cup raffled off! Spread the wealth!
  • The Tampaign – Remember to submit an advertisement or cool piece of art to promote the DIVA to Elizabeth Makarewicz by 2/2!
  • Real Food Road Trip – Workshops here on campus to learn about slower and real-er food! They will be here from February 3rd-6th to tell us as much as we can possible hear about the food movement.
  • Elections – NEXT WEEK 2/2 (think about running for a position! secretary? treasurer? snack maker? light shutter-offer?)
  • Book Across the Bay – Ski Trip on the 19th of February at 6pm. Book it across a big bay in northern Wisconsin (Ashland) for a 10k race!
  • Spring Break Camping Trip – Start brain stormin’! (Smokies, Shenandoah Section of AT, Monongahela National Forest in West Virginia, Hoosier National Forest in Indiana, Badlands?)
  • Farmer Panel – Slow Food Club is putting together a panel of local-ish farmers. Stay tuned!
  • Inter-Disarmament – All day workshop on Sunday (1/30) from 1pm-5pm – Learn about non-violent  communication – $5
  • XC Skiing tomorrow at Turtle Creek – 8am, come to OEC!
  • Slow Food Campus Wide Mexican Dinner – Sunday 5-7 at OEC – BYO plates and utensils! Come support Slow Food Club!

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January 19th Meeting Notes

Welcome back everyone to the OET…I mean the OEC!


  • Lincoln Maclean will be presenting at next week’s OEC meeting (Wed. 26th)! He is an former Beloit student and will be telling us all about Camp Manitowish in Boulder Junction, Wisconsin. Come to learn more!
  • OEC Elections will take place on (Wed. March 2nd)!

Current projects

  • The Garden in the OEC backyard – This semester we will begin seeding and planting. Other potential opportunities: herbs, plant sales, etc.
  • The Tampaign – A competition for who can design the best Diva Cup advertisement. Do it up and show your Diva passion! 🙂 If you don’t know what a Diva Cup is,  check it out here! The deadline for the poster advertisement will be Wednesday, February 2nd.
  • Take Back the Tap – A campaign to promote tap water on campuses across the United States. Last semester, Clara Baker led an awareness campaign on campus about the benefits of tap water/detriments of bottled water. This semester Hannah Skoblow will be taking up the campaign by trying to eliminate bottled water from Beloit Campus. Contact Hannah if you are interested in participating and helping out!
  • The Revolving Loan Fund – This fund is an account that Beloit faculty, staff, and students can apply for to introduce environmentally friendly modifications on Beloit Campus. If you have any ideas contact Sierra Anseeuw for more information about the application!
  • Composting on campus! Contact Steven Jackson for more information.
    • Composting Locations: Peace house, OEC, Spanish House, Music/Art House, and one is in storage
    • To do:
      • Form a small committee to focus in on the Composting Project and deal with the following issues.
      • There is an extra compost bin and we need to develop an action plan for this extra bin.
      • Action plan as to when/where to compost.
  • Climbing – Thomas Davis will be planning trips to Madison to go climbing in an indoor facility during the winter. For details on dates and times, stay tuned. In the spring, climbing trips to Devil’s Lake will be planned. Get pumped! Stay tuned!
  • OEC Spring Break Trip – Be thinking about where you’d like to go! The OEC has a lot of really great equipment to use for these trips, so bring your ideas to upcoming meetings.
  • Beloit Boating Club – Contact Carrie Hatcher for information about a spring break sailing trip in the Florida Keys!

Other things to think about:

  • Soap making?
  • Simple lifestyle changes to try and be more sustainable on a day to day basis

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