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Advertising for next week’s meeting: Parker and Kate (if need be)

Bike Club – spring cleaning for your bike during peace week – stay tuned

EARTH WEEK IS  April 15th РApril 22nd

Brainstorming Ideas for Earth Week discussed at 3/23 meeting!

  • Soap making workshop with Steven
  • Hootenanny at the Poetry Garden – clara + steven
  • Outdoor Yoga and Meditation – matthew
  • Deodorant making with Sierra
  • Nature Photography Competition with Snacks – elizabeth
  • Hike – Turtle Creek, Big Hill, Kettlemorain, Devils Lake – tommy or patrick
  • Bike Ride to Nygren Wetlands by Rockton – india, bike club? david
  • Movie showing each night – Science Center – 1hr long film, rent projector, put a movie outside ? – parker, brian, matthew
  • lecture on sungazing, getting all of your energy from the sun – matthew
  • Rock Climbing with Tommy
  • Spring Cleaning – Trash pick-up contact phys plant – molly
  • basil seeds? transplanting day? – jon
  • Meeting for that week- Ra Baller present – lauren
  • Yaffa Grossman -metal recycling plant tour parker
  • Composting – ??? moving bins around during earth week – steven
  • Composting in all res halls for the week – info, etc OR table outside of commons to gauge interest – steven
  • one day – composting utensils and plates etc? – steven
  • these come from trees stickers?? oec buy some? parker
  • take back the tap – giant bottled water sculpture publisize in the quad (water droplet instead to use less material) – hanna
  • joint art thing with art house – trash art – steven
  • face your waste? – sierra
  • tree tour – yaffa? – parker
  • TGIF!!!!! plan some bigger events for those fridays – members of other clubs – kate and clara
  • camping trip before spring day – turtle creek with voces – brian, jon
  • both fridays outdoor dinners with peter – kate
  • mud party – geo club – david

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With midterms in full swing, we could all use a bit of relaxation, so check out this comic for a laugh.

Take Back the Tap has been relaxing a bit also lately, but never fear: campus-wide campaigns will begin immediately after Spring Break to raise awareness on why we need to push back against bottled water. All parties interested in tabling, dormstorming, talking to other clubs, students, and professors are welcome! Also, World Water Day is coming up on March 22nd and will be here before we know it. Let’s brainstorm some ideas to celebrate. As always, contact skoblowh@beloit.edu. Have a great Spring Break, everyone! Get ready for some powerful TBTT Campaigning!


Also, while you’re lounging around on your couch watching “Jersey Shore” marathons eating all the chips your mom bought just for her “little darling,” familiarize yourself with some TBTT resources:


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