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Hi all,

Winter break is a great time to start looking for things to do in the summer. Or if you are like me, an alum/senior, it’s also a good time to start looking for jobs!! Eeek. With this in mind, I have done a little web browsing and I found this helpful website for people interested in working on food related issues.


Check, ch-check, ch-check, ch-check it out.

HaPpY Holidays,


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It’s a busy time of year and consumption is on overdrive! Here are just a few small, simple tips about how you could reduce your impact this season!
Wrapping paper: consider using the Sunday comics (colorful) or coloring weekday comics. Other ideas: old maps, magazines, posters, brown bags, etc.!
*Push for proper recycling of any eligible wrapping paper/ gift packaging!
Certified Fair Trade coffee, teas and chocolates make great gifts!
-Womanly items: Tis the season for divas everywhere! Consider limiting your environmental impact by asking for a Diva cup or other alternative menstrual products as  a gift, or give one to a special woman in your life!
Gifting plants: Head to a local nursery or garden store and plant something in a used pot or give a beautiful already grown plant! Indoor potted herb starters are great and delicious.
-Shopping– remember canvas or reusable bags- to the mall or the grocery store. Carpool with friends or fam when possible.
Electronics: Buy gifts that don’t require batteries!
-Recycled DIY: make candles out of old melted down candles, journal out of an old book.
Laura Rocek offers, “a couple alternative kind of gifts I was thinking about- food, kind of a classic, but can include the recipe to share the skill, and on a similar note, how bout give someone homemade gift (knit, pottery, jewelery, etc) and teach the person skill if they don’t know how, plus giving a pair needles or whatever to encourage that kind of activity.”
Amelia Tarpey has some great ideas, too, “Get gifts at second hand stores! Or buy gifts at Go Green type stores- I got my sister a razor made out of recycled yogurt cups and my parents a “toilet tummy” to help save water when you flush. Or another idea is getting energy efficient light bulbs as gifts 🙂 And buy local!!”
Wbatever you buy, I hope you have a fun, safe break and hopefully it isn’t too cold to enjoy the outdoors where ever you may be!
(ps if you have any more ideas, please send them to me and I’ll put them up! bakerc@beloit.edu)

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