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  • Kappa Delta Party ?????
    • They want to do an OEC + KD party in OEC.
    • Diva Cup Party – this is the ONLY option
  • Fall Day – This saturday from 1-4 – OEC Compost Table
    • Composting brochures by Greer
    • Womaning the booth sign-ups:
      • 1-2 – Elizabeth and Sierra
      • 2-3 – Kate and Katie
      • 3-4 – Greer and Tracy
  • Tent Set-up and Inventory Session This Sunday at 2!
    • Come help at the OEC parking lot!

Parents weekend activities – Weekend of October 23

  • Plant Sale Project– Oct 23
    • We have received a generous donation of potting soil. WOOTWOOT!
    • If you have planters or pots – please be amazing and donate them!!
    • Plant sale is probably going to be held on parents weekend – more info to come
  • Pumpkin carving – Oct 23
  • The Empty Bowl Project
  • Tree Tour on campusOctober 22

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9/22/10 Meeting Notes

As a club, we have decided that we want to create a goal list. This goal list will help us all stay focused, engaged, and excited about all of the cool things I know we will decide to do. We want everyone to share any goals, ideas, or exciting plans that you have in mind. The club has talked about doing volunteering in the community, or connecting with the Environmental Club at Beloit Memorial High School. (Here is a link to the club’s website! Check it: http://bmhsenvironmentalclub.webs.com/).

Goals for OEC

  1. Do an outside activity every weekend!
  2. Plan a winter camping trip
  3. Volunteer on local farms
  4. Farmer panel on campus to talk about coooool farming practices and techniques.
  5. Connect with the community (organizations, schools, etc)
  6. Sustainable party practices on campus (local beer, recycling, being responsible)
  7. Conserving water on campus
  8. Getting everyone to realize that “nature is a stern mistress”…..
  9. Start a reading night where we read ” Thoreau” quotes” and drink hot chocolate and wrap ourselves up in warm blankets and love each other.
  10. Finding a way to connect with nature on campus (outside activities, campfires, etc)
  11. Energy conservation campaign or advertising (posters, etc)
  12. Committing to doing only what we are capable of doing.
  13. Tent day! Every tent will be set up and inventoried.
  14. Hiking, backpacking, canoeing
  15. Learning about environmentalism and being a conscious consumer (ecofeminism, etc)
  16. Writing about composting and recycling in the roundtable. Raising awareness through various Roundtable articles.
  17. Locally sourced food in commons, or no meat day
  18. Uniting Peace House and OEC
  19. Club pursues eliminating bottled water from campus
  20. Spending time outside…not with parents
  21. Learn more about farming
  22. Floor composting
  23. Larger venues for cool oec events


  • October 3rd – Cleanup day on the Rock River! Contact Will Thompson.
  • Party Ideas
    • kappa delta
    • the black forest party with german house
    • 90’s Party
  • Food and Water Watch – Looking for a Student Organizer  for a sweeeeet project called “Take Back the Tap” (http://takebackthetap.org/)
  • Saturday 25th, 2010
    • Composting awareness 1-3 at OEC
    • Pot luck at 5:30 at OEC…COME!!!!!!!!!

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On Saturday September 18th 2010, about 28 lovely, proud Wisconsinites, better known as Cheeseheads, made our way  to Cheese Days in Monroe, WI. Most of the group arrived there around 1:30, and the car I arrived with got there around 5:45 (yes I was in the car that didn’t want anything to do with my Aladdin or Cyndi Lauper tapes… instead we all rocked out to Tommy’s pseudo-death metal radio station.) Finally we arrived, the boys put their shirts back on and we were ready to take cheese days by storm. There was yodeling, there were carnival games, obscenely  large bottles of beer and uh CHEESE. I can’t speak much for the majority of the group who spent about 5 or so hours there because I was in the later crew, but there seemed to be plenty to do and the cheese was delicious. (The beer also looked good but alas, I didn’t think Monroe would have the same “philosophy” as good ol’ Bel-wah college.)

When we all arrived on the farm, we set up tents in the dark (our car got a little lost, ahem Bennett…) and settled in by a great fire. There was more food, more cheese, and some campfire hootenanny jamming! (Oh yah a lil Wagon Wheel—classic). Later in the night, we secured our rain flies as thunder and lightening moved in. A few of us braved the rainy mist for a little while by the fire until it really started to pour.

The next morning we were woken by sheep and turkeys and made it back to Beloit before brunch. For me, to get away for a weekend, eat some great food, hang out on a farm, sit by a fire, and just get to spend time with 20 or so really great Beloit people was a perfect weekend. I’d rule it a success! Much thanks to Jackie and Rich for letting us camp with them, and thanks to Elizabeth and Tommy and everyone else who helped make the trip happen.

Oh and it was kinda awesome but also slightly embarrassing that we all matched. Wait, I love it.

We wear flannel.

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9/15/10 Meeting Notes

Upcoming Events

Thursday 9/16 – First Official Slow Food Meeting

  • 9:15 at OEC
  • Come help plan our first campus wide Sunday night dinnaaaaa!
  • We will be cooking a delectable Mexican dinner

Friday 9/17 – Paul Simon Party!!!!

  • PR Committee – Advertise: FB, Chalk, Posters…
  • Don’t forget if you signed up for a security shift! You guys are important!
  • Come and get yourself freeeeee!

Saturday 9/18 – Help load up campus compost! SO FUN.

  • Maddy, Sierra, Kate, and Nate have signed up to help around 11.

    Saturday-Sunday 9/18-19 – Cheeeeeeese Days

    • If you want to go and you have a car, LET ELIZABETH KNOW!!!!
    • Tomorrow morning (9/16) from 10-2, come to OEC and help set-up tents to make sure we have enough!
    • It might be in the mid to upper 40’s on Saturday night! Bring sleeping bag, pillow, blankets, snacks, waterbottles, $2 (for gas), other spending monayyyy, and anything else that might keep you warm at night 😉
    • Driving/Ride Details: Tommy is leaving at 4:15 and will be taking Clara, Sierra, Nate, and Parker. Everyone else will be leaving at NOON with either Tim Lawrence, Maddy Kramer, or Joe Klein.

    Sunday 9/19 – Mexican Dinner open to campus BTYB Slow Food Club!

    • To be held at Music house.
    • Time: TBA
    • $ 4 suggested donation
    • Get excited for some BOMB Mexican home cookin’

    Sunday 9/26 – Anthony Marr presentation!

    • 4pm  in the Poetry Garden (raining? no problem, it will just take place at the OEC).
    • Potluck after the presentation?
    • Come and listen to Anthony’s magical wisdom!

    Saturday 10/2/10 – Fall Day

    • 1-4 in the Chapin Quad
    • There will be a sidewalk chalk competition
    • OEC is responsible for putting together an informational/educational booth – possibly about composting on campus?

    Sunday 10/10 – Annual Welty Center Fall Family Harvest Festival

    • If you are around for fall break, go to the Fall Festival at the Welty Environmental center from 1-4pm
    • There will be a pie competition, scarecrow making, pumpkin carving! This will certainly get you in the fall spirit…

    Parents Weekend (Oct 22nd-24th) – Plant Sale


    Other Random Announcements

    • Listserv info – do not send anything to the oec listserv, only respond to the person that sent the email (which you can find at the bottom of the page)
    • Rock climbing – There will be weekly trips to a rock climbing center in Whitewater every Monday in the afternoon with Michelle. More info coming soon….

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      I woke up Sunday morning at 10:30 with the memory (or lack-there-of) of Folk and Blues pounding in my head and riling my stomach.
      This seemed to be the least of my problems as I made my way to the kitchen to begin cooking. If you’ve never had the experience of cooking on the OEC stove, I suggest you don’t attempt to cook for more than 2 or 3 people at a time, especially the morning after Folk and Blues.
      The current state of things is this: 1 burner does not work at all, 1 burner begins smoking right when you turn it on, and 1 burner takes at least 20 minutes to heat up. This leaves us with 1 properly working burner. A small burner, at that. Needless to say, it took a lot longer than expected to churn out enough french toast and eggs. Luckily, there were mimosas, fruit, amazing scones, and a lovely group of folks to save the day.

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      Bike ze Barns!

      Bike the Barns was another smashing success this year…  We had 9 OEC volunteers travel to Columbus, WI to help Madison’s Underground Food Collective prepare and serve food and drink to over 600 hungry bikers.  A great time time was certainly had by all.  I’ll let the pictures speak for the details:

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      • Boozy Sunday Brunch – PLEASE COME
      • Bring food if you have food to bring

      Sat. 11th – Bike the Barns trip is full

      • If you have a car, let Elizabeth know and we can open up more space.
      • Tim and Maddy are driving as of now

      September 17th – Paul Simon Party?

      September 26th – Anthony Marr and his creepy eye will be HERE AT BELOIT

      • Presentation at 4pm – Poetry garden
      • PR committee is responsible for advertising

      Hiking/day trip possibilities

      • September 25th – kettle moraine with interfaith
      • Sept 18th-19th – Cheese days+farm visit in Monroe – If you aren’t registered as a driver and would like to be, ask Elizabeth for the deeeets.
      • Biking/camping trip? – NATE will investigate possible locations
      • Devils lake – 1.5 hours away

      Peace house dance off – stay tuned to find out when you can show ya dancin’ skills

      • black and white,  Michael Jackson
      • peace train
      • we write our own songs

      October 23rd or 24th Halloween Pumpkin Carving Party –Women’s center, interfaith, oec

      Driftless Folk School – Narrrow down which workshops you are interested in

      Other Stuff

      Fall Break Trip Updates

      • Belfast proposal in by tomorrow, says Nate?
      • Trip Possibilities – 2 trips – river canoeing trip in min + hiking trip on north shore of minn – superior lake trail

      ISR projetor connector cord – ari will deal with this
      Listserv – just accept the fact that you will be receiving 5-25 oec emails/day

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